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From now on and until your regent stops being retrograde -that is, until next September 16-, you will have to heed a warning that the stars of the Magic Horoscope bring to you, especially for those who are single.

The fact is that you run the risk of confusing love with a close friend to what is expected a priori from emerging friendship relations.

If you don't have a partner, don't fill yourself with false hopes and take special care of all those people you know through social networks or the Internet: dig deeper, look more at the things they do and what it shows.

If on the contrary, you already have it, don't pay attention to those false signals and signs of interest that you think you are receiving from a third person: it will only bring problems and instability to your sentimental life.


With your retrograde star you start to revolutionize and change everything that has to do with your work, Leo. You have to be very careful in the coming days, becaus any false step can completely destabilize that process of professional growth in which you find yourself.

Your job promotion will depend on a project that you seem to have left aside for a long time, so get down to work as soon as possible and, if you think it is necessary, ask for help from a colleague you trust.

Remember that the best rewards are obtained when the effort has been practically equivalent, Leo.


It's not a good time now to accelerate your metabolism, Leo, so don't saturate your body with vitamin supplements or sports supplements that will harm your body rather than offer the results you expect.

You'd better wait in late September or even early October to start your physical change.