Magic Horoscope Reveals How This Coming Tuesday Is Going to Be for Leo

Your Full Horoscope for Today, Tuesday 4th September
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When it comes to forgiving an offense, the Leos are clear: although they don't like to be angry forever or hold a grudge against other people, they will only accept an apology when they really see that the other person is sorry for what they have done.

For this reason, you are probably waiting for that person who has offended you -and who is predictably your partner or someone very close to your family- to apologize to you once and a thousand times and also make you feel that you are the true center of attention in their life. Don't be so demanding!


If during today something goes wrong at work, don't start dramatizing and saying that the world has ended. Don't take any notice of some colleagues either, especially those who live waiting for you to make a mistake.

They will be the ones that instead of encouraging you they will demotivate you. One of them might even be the reason of your problem at work that you will have to try solving today.

Don't take any notice of them; solve the problem trying to transmit an image of serenity and fulfill your responsibilities as you've been doing so far. You will overcome any difficulty and the rest will think twice before attacking you. 


In this sense, you may get mad at spending too much time discussing certain topics with people who aren't willing to give in, so try to stay away from anyone who you have no good relationship with.

If you unsettle too much you will end up paying with health and you may suffer a small anxiety attack that will put you out of action on a day in which, under no circumstances, should you show others your most vulnerable side.