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If you are separated from that person you loved, today you might decide to look for the way to turn the page and you may think about the possibility of moving to another place.

You will like the idea of starting a new life in a place far from where you are now, because it brings you a lot of memories, and it doesn't let you move forward. As a Leo, you'll feel that in a certain way you have the world at your feet and that you are willing to conquer it.


During today you're going to meet some professional colleagues that will catch your attention because of their ease to build a successful business.

Their ability to prosper will be contagious and you'll see in them a kind of source of knowledge that you would also like to have, showing yourself willing to follow their steps.

If you do it well, you might even get some unexpected help to set your own business or some offer to work with them in some of their projects elbow to elbow. Just if you are sure that it's a sector that you like; don't hesitate in going for it and accepting their offer.


If you manage to meet the objectives that you have proposed to improve your quality of life and your health, as well as your physical performance through a specialized diet and exercises you will obtain results, although they will take longer to manifest themselves than what you want.

Remember that, in the same way that now it isn't convenient for you to try to accelerate your metabolism; your organism isn't going through a receptive phase to changes during these days.

The most sensible thing is that you don't set goals too high and that you don't demand too much. Instead, adapt your body little by little to the new changes so that, when the time comes, you can show off all your potential.