Leo WEEKLY Horoscope

23 Jul - 22 Aug

Leo weekly: Your horoscope for 17 - 23 February 2020

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Mercury in retrograde, which is the most important astral event this week, will begin on Monday. The planet of communication in your sexuality and transformation zone will help you reflect on your needs. If you haven’t expressed them efficiently, you may feel that your relationship is too monotonous and comfortable.

Venus in Aries will help you open up and share your fantasies or desires to experiment with your partner. Your better half will surprise you with their reaction, as they’ll agree with all your ideas. This way you’ll start a new phase in your intimate life.

When Mercury is direct, it favours reconciliations and transformations in relationships. For now, try to be honest with yourself and your partner.

Single Leos will be willing to play the field and not worry about anyone or anything.

On Sunday, a tense aspect that will enhance your self-centeredness could negatively affect your relationships.

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The planet of war (Mars) entered your work zone yesterday and today you’ll wake up feeling eager to fight and thirsty for victory. At work, your resistance and ability to focus will be at their best.  You’ll be eager to work on your own, as you won’t tolerate any objections or opinions from others.

When it comes to your finances, you should be careful because you’ll be prone to fraud and may lose a lot of money on investments. So beware of people who try to take advantage of you, whether they’re potential partners or recent conquests.

You’ll receive unexpected money from a friend or someone you don't know.


Vitality, energy, strength and rapid recovery are the keywords regarding your health this week. Recording your habits and exercise routines will help you continue, as you’ll become much more aware of your effort. Risk, competitive or contact sports will do you a lot of good.

When it comes to your thoughts, you’ll have the opportunity to observe how your deepest and darkest desires come to light.