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Leo Weekly Prediction for 10-16 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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The week starts with very low self-esteem for you. You could learn to receive criticism without feeling that you are being attacked. You should try to leave your egocentrism and your pride aside to achieve a more healthy relationship. 

Listen, communicate, and don't get obsessed with repetitive ideas that only harm you and don't solve your problems.

Towards Thursday you will get invited to meetings, and your mood will improve. Improve your hairstyle; you can look for a new look, a change that impacts your friends.

You are going to live very intense days during the weekend: arguments, suspicions and subsequent reconciliations. 

Try being respectful when talking and stop being suspicious about what the other person thinks or feels. Reality has more angles than those you can see, Leo.


The success in business and undertaking is yours this week. You'll get allies and the attention of investors or people that have the possibility of collaboration with their projects or new ideas. You're gifted with a lot of luck these days. Your sympathy is a plus.

The art of seduction is something for which you are very talented, and this week you will be able to display all your charms. You will receive congratulations from a person with a higher hierarchical rank. Be receptive and don't cross the line.

Your creativity will be highly valued and over the weekend meetings and good news with partners or colleagues will give you a lot of joy, and the feeling of mission accomplished.

There could be expenses that you didn't take into account, but you will be able to face them with a bit of organization in the payments and deadlines.  

Take advantage of the good star.


Your vital tone is perfect this week, and you'll be able to enjoy a higher level of energy that will allow you to face every challenge.

You need to respond to your sleep needs and pay attention to the messages and signs you receive from your mind at rest through dreams to collaborate with your emotional health. You can keep a journal where you write what you remember about them.

During the weekend, follow a diet low in fat and preservatives because your joint system and your spine are resented by the accumulation of toxins.


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