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You rarely recognize your mistakes in your love life, and although it is true that we shouldn't focus on the negative but the positive, not recognizing our mistakes and forgetting about them too soon will only lead us to lose the opportunity to improve and learn.

This week you will have to face an argument with someone very close to you who considers that you aren't taking enough notice of them. This lack of attention might be due to not daring to accept their advice, although you know what they tell you is right.

Pay attention to Wednesday, because the stars foresee the arrival of a specially intense day for love in which you will live that emotion of being loved back and feeling desired by someone. 

This emotion will continue present in the next days, and the ones that are in a relationship will also experiment it. In fact, the ones with a partner are going to enjoy a change of attitude of the other person that they didn't expect.


Show your disagreement when you feel it, no matter what the situation or the person that causes it is. You are going to start the week in a terrible mood, but this time it's necessary for you to express your opinions and impressions. 

As the week goes by you will start visualizing a ray of hope and illusion that illuminates your aspirations at a professional level. Although you are far from being in the position you want to be in, as time goes by you believe more and more in all the good things that you can achieve professionally. 

Towards the middle of the week, you will have to start thinking in the way to cut back expenses. You will have to rethink about the economic plan you had for this month because you are going to have some setbacks. 

At the weekend, it would be good for you to dedicate your free time thinking about some attitudes or gestures that you have with your colleagues. Going from happiness to anger in a millisecond has everyone bewildered, and that can take a toll on you.


Cramps in your legs and arms will only remind you that one of your worst nightmares may come back. This time, it seems to be due to a lack of essential nutrients for your body, so check your diet for that food you're lacking.

Mental strength, courage, and positivity are going to be keys for you to overcome a week that will go by at a languid pace for you. On the other hand, if you want to have more energy and vitality, doubling your dose of caffeine is not the best thing: look for other sources such as theine, a lot healthier for your body. 

In the next few days, you will feel that you can't cope with your body and that every hour you spend you accumulate more and more tiredness. Going to bed early can be a solution with immediate effects, but it seems that these signs that your body is sending you are more aimed at doing a review of everything that no longer benefits you.