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For you, this week will be full of reflection moments and new discoveries. Take advantage of it to end the week being a better version of you, because if you don't, negative thoughts or bad feelings will end up influencing your love relationship. 

During these days you'll have moments that you should take advantage of to switch off from routine and enjoy life with your partner. Although Tuesday may be the black day of the week because of your bad mood and jealousy, if you manage to overcome it by playing down some issues, it will just be a small setback.

If you've been feeling something special for one of your best friends, on Wednesday, you'll have the opportunity to be sincere and, who knows, if your story can be the next romantic Hollywood movie.


As the days go by, there will be some ups and downs that can take you from the top to the deepest hell. In the end, your attitude will be key to moving the scale back and forth, so try to keep good vibrations for as long as possible.

Although at the beginning of the week there may be certain circumstances that have a negative impact on your economy or your job, in the middle of the week the situation will turn around, and you will be able to make a profit without having to make much of an effort.

You'll end the week changing your perception about several aspects, and you'll feel more thrifty and more motivated to increase your financial cushion. Learn from the lessons that life puts before you, and you will see that nothing can resist you.


You won't start the week with the best of lucks, but your situation will improve gradually as the days go by. You'll only have to be cautious on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday because the constant stress and temperature changes are things that don't favor your well-being.

If you look after your body and mind and you take advantage of the opportunities that the stars offer you to rest, you'll experiment an increase in your energy in the middle of the week.

This will be useful to face the last days of the week in good health and a proactive attitude.