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Leo Weekly Prediction for 17-23 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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During this week, love matters will go quite well.

You're in total plenitude, and the expectations that you had deposited in your love relationship are fulfilled.

You can be the victim of rumours or gossip. It's difficult for people to see other people's happiness without feeling jealous. You just haven't got to take any notice of them and continue with your life. 

Towards midweek don't forget to control yourself in your tendency to whims and dramatic manifestations of your feelings because you could cause the opposite effect and make your partner angry.

For the single Leos, when the weekend comes, you are going to receive an extraordinary invitation that will fill you up with happiness and hope.


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The week will go by showing your abilities to seduce clients and achieve good opportunities. 

Do you want to create your ideal life? If you aren't in this direction, stop and think what you want, Leo. Imagine how much you could enjoy your job if you improved those methods, prioritized the way you use your time and learnt to delegate.

Towards Friday, your colleagues will notice your great ability to make a difficulty a new opportunity, and they will ask you to intervene in the solution of a problem.

Your lucky numbers this week are 44, 71, and 108.


Strengthen the health of your bronchial tube and lungs because this week they will be your week point. You must protect yourself from cold and climatized environments that could cause a sudden cold.

You can prevent and help your respiratory system by consuming some ginger infusion (with honey or green tea), which is an antioxidant, and plenty of pure water to hydrate your mucous membranes.

This week you'll have a lot of work, and you'll be in constant communication, so you should be careful with your position.

You'll spend a lot of time in front of the computer working, and if you add the hours with your phone, your vertebrae could suffer the compression of a nerve or a muscular contracture with the consequences that this has: chronic neck and headache pains.

Try to keep your ears at shoulder level and your shoulder blades more or less close to each other when you use your mobile phone, or you are in front of the computer, take breaks every fifteen minutes, and you will see great benefits with so little effort.



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