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Knowing exactly what you want to find in love should be a priority this week, so it is easier for you to draw the path you want to follow to find your better half. 

In this sense, the stars are going to play in your favor in the next days, because you are going to be irresistible and you are going to have a great power of attraction that will make a lot of them fall to your feet. An advantage that you should take advantage of whether you are single or not. 

However, it's possible that those Leos that are in a relationship feel that some aspects aren't going very well. Be careful and don't be too insistent with the other person, because that attitude could go against you. 

Saturday will be a complicated day for those in a relationship because the other person is likely to receive tough news. Your patience and your support will be essential for them, so give the best of you and help that person that you love so much. Believe that together you can overcome all obstacles. 


You start the week worried about your professional future. There are some things that you want to do, and the idea of not being able to carry them out will concern you a lot.

You are going to have some hectic days, with a lot of activities to do and responsibilities to fulfill, but that at the same time will make you meet people that will have a lot to say about your professional future. 

If you're looking for a job, the stars recommend you to focus on the offers that adjust to your professional profile. In this context, you could visit a professional that can help you and guide you at this level. 

On Thursday you'll have a lot of chances to receive a prize that you don't expect. Take advantage of your winning streak and buy a lottery ticket or something similar, because these opportunities to win will keep on growing. 


Your impulsivity, your energy, and your willingness to help are going to collude to make you decide something important related to the health field. Whatever it is, it will be a caring activity that will make you feel good with yourself. 

The counterpart to that power of attraction that you enjoy in love will be reflected in your physical insecurities. A photo shoot can become your worst nightmare, as long as you can see an image of yourself that you don't like at all. Don't look for perfection and try a little harder to love and accept yourself as you are.

On the other hand, you might feel some annoyances throughout the following days. If you do, just take medication if the doctor has prescribed it for you, because the consequences can be harmful to your organism. 

Due to this, during the weekend, your most hypochondriac side might come to light. Avoid this kind of behaviors, because as you know, there are people who have the ability to attract what they fear.