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Love is one of the essential things in life. Without fears, you've generally always listened to your heart and your feelings, but it's true that sometimes you should let yourself be carried away by your most rational part. 

In a relationship, you have to be honest. In the last few days you may have been hiding certain aspects of your life or details that, although you think unnecessary, it is important for the other person to know.

On the other hand, if you're single take advantage of this week because you're going to have compatibility with all those who are from an air sign -Gemini, Libra and Aquarius- and especially with the ones that are just like you, that is, signs of fire such as Aries or Sagittarius. 


Some habits are undermining your bank account. Think about all the expenses you make every day and how you can do without them. In short: value from a realistic perspective what you really need and what you don't.

If you are convinced that there's energy capable of moving the world and making everything happen in the best possible way, it won't be difficult to believe that this energy is going to help you improve in the economic and professional aspect. 

However, in your work environment you are going to show yourself very receptive and open to listening to new proposals and projects, so take advantage of the days to put an end to all those tasks that you have pending and that require the participation of others. 

A compliment at the right time will be very stimulating, but you should try not to let yourself be carried away by your impulsive side. Instead, meditate, reflect, and plan the steps you are going to take or the strategy you are going to follow to achieve your goals.


Try starting the week with the objective of making it as calm as possible. Look for those things that can be useful to shine brighter than ever and feel better about yourself: drink lots of water, especially infusions.

On Wednesday you might feel especially tired, but you'll improve as the day goes by. When the afternoon comes, you'll feel how the energy fills your body up again. 

Towards the end of this week, try looking for a way of putting an end to the accumulated stress and free yourself from tensions.  A yoga session, a visit to a spa or a relaxing massage can benefit you more than you think.