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Leo Weekly Prediction for 24-30 September

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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This week begins a bit hectic, Leo because there's something you're worried about and you can't stop thinking about it. Your partner isn't as close to you as you would like them to be and that is going to give you some headaches. Be careful because you run the risk of being immersed in an unnecessary argument because of an issue that doesn't deserve such importance. 

However, the day when you'll have to be alert will be Thursday, because that day, the influence that the moon has on you can be bad for you and make you more susceptible than you usually are. If that wasn't enough, the person who you share your life with is going to test your nerves. 

Those Leos who are single are going to face a challenge this week: overcome their shyness and dare to send a message to that person who attracts them so much. It seems that the love you so much want has name and surname, so bring out your best weapons of seduction and let Cupid take care of the rest.


The beginning of this week isn't calm regarding the professional and economic matters either: It's going to surprise you when you realize that, at your workplace, there are people who aren't as they seem to be.

The cosmic energy is going to give you some tools, resources, and projects that are going to be very useful in your way to professional success. You'll feel quite motivated when doing your tasks, but this tendency is going to fade towards the weekend. 

Regarding your bank accounts, this week your thoughts are going to be focused on the possibility of making a vital acquisition or making a purchase or investment. 

The situation will make you feel dubitative, and even if now isn't the best moment to do so, for some Leos this will be a fantastic opportunity to learn to free their fear of risk. 


If we talk about health, you're not going to have any surprises, although towards the end of the week it is foreseen that you start a period of emotional instability,  caused by the different stress situations that you'll have to go through. 

However, parallelly you're going to look for the way of connecting with your most spiritual side, and that will be key when facing any obstacle.

Having some amulet that gives you security and starts some leisure activity -such as a resume or start a hobby- should become your bets this week to feel good about yourself.

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