Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Very positive days are coming, Leo, because the Sun and Jupiter are in a sign of fire and that is something that you like. On Wednesday you'll have manifestations of affection, and a person you really care about will show that he or she is attentive to your needs. With a lot of subtlety but with a firm step, they will show you they are there for you, and you may even have the surprise of the month.

Listen and don't reject the opportunities you are going to have during the week. In addition, someone around you is suffering, and in the next few days, they will need your help. Don't hesitate to help them. 

Towards the weekend you will have some opportunities to show your kindness and sympathy. Your best disposition for social life is activated, and you will attract attention because of your intelligence and sense of humor. Take advantage of the juncture that the stars will offer you and don't let anything obscure your joy of living.


This week is presented with lots of ups and downs in the money aspect. You can put all your attention into the development of new ways of spreading your abilities and knowledge. You might have to work a little harder when making budgets, proposals or interviews. You know how to do it if you let go of your fears and you are humble and kind.

You'll see how during the last days of the week things start flowing in your own interest and you can see some signs that are more than positive for you. 

You are going to receive important mail or Thursday or Friday, so keep an eye on that!

If you work in a team, don't forget to leave some space for others. Sometimes you forget that each person brings a different point of view in one same thing and that can help with new possibilities on the matter. 


You must look after your health a bit more. You don't know everything, Leo. Magic Horoscope reminds you that the vascular system is your weakness, and your heart could be suffering in silence, and that will bring you some future problems that you don't want to have.

If you are one of those Leos who silences body alarms with painkillers and turning a deaf ear to the many symptoms you've had in recent times, watch out! You don't want to ruin your future.

The tension is inside. Fortunately, this week you will be able to learn how to find real solutions. Think about how many natural options are known today to reduce the stress you're going through, so just choose the one that's best for you.