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October is near the end, and things are going to get confusing for those who are single or that are starting to get to know someone special. 

Love is going to become one of the main topics in your life in the next weeks, Leo. Having next to you someone who knows you and who gives you advice on what can be best for you, will be very necessary for you.

On the other hand, both those native Leos that are married and those that are single will feel overwhelmed by the circumstances. New feelings are going to arise that are going to make them feel vulnerable.

However, not everything is going to be bad news and confusion: throughout November, that starts this week, you'll have the opportunity to see how some of the deepest wishes in love become true. 


Having to be consistently behind the rest, revising their work is a tedious job that you don't like at all, and it makes you a bit bossy, and people don't like that. 

Accepting the regulations instead of being guided by the affinities you have with the people around you, must necessarily become your motto during this week at work.

Take advantage of the energies that the stars are going to send you for the change of month since they are going to be useful to you to make decisions in the middle of complicated situations. 

In this sense, a recommendation that is going to be useful is that, when facing big tasks, do not try to cover all at once and work at the same pace always.

Pay particular attention to the 31st, because you'll have to face some unexpected and unfavorable situations for you. If you walk carefully and you act prudently, you'll realize that there's nothing you can't overcome. 


To disregard specific comments and health advice even though you know, they come from knowledgeable people who care about you shows that you have a very irresponsible attitude, Leo.

Avoid some actions that can be considered reckless during this week, because the transition from one month to the other isn't going to favor you as much as you'd like it to.

The postures we adopt and the way we walk will be an issue of particular concern to you in the coming days. Realizing that there is a relationship between our gestures and not only the emotions we feel, but the ability they have to change them, will serve you more than you think. 

Listening to our body is an essential aspect when dealing with certain physical and mental problems that we inevitably have. If you pay attention to those things that generally go unnoticed, it will be easier for you to find that emotional stability that you want so much.