Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


During the first days of the week, you show your most marked defect. You can't expect to be the king of the relationship and be continually looking for praise and servitude. If you continue with this attitude, you are going to be left alone.

Feeling offended and isolating yourself isn't the solution. Show yourself more loving, affectionate, and close.

Have you thought about the needs of your partner? You lock yourself in your thoughts justifying all your actions instead of showing humbleness and evaluating the feelings you can awaken with your despotic attitude. 

Towards the weekend, it will be good for you to find moments to share. Cook something nice that you know the person you want by your side likes. Surprise your partner going somewhere special, show some interest in their issues and you'll see how soon, joy comes back to your relationship.


You create what you believe, if you think money is limited in your life, you condition the energy of the money to this mandate. This is how this Universe works.

You have had to face a lot of expenses, added to your tendency to waste your resources in buying objects that you don't always need. Your economic conditions can improve this week. 

Trust the presence of Jupiter in an excellent aspect because it will give the natives of Leo optimism and abundance.

This week you can do some training or short course, so your possibilities increase. Try improving the management you have of social networks to promote yourself.

On Friday, you'll have a surprise.


Your health is perfect for this week. But Magic Horoscope recommends to protect yourself, especially from viruses and bacteria during the first days of the week due to a proliferation of viral diseases in your environment. Flu, colds, and gastroenteritis could surprise you if you neglect the hand hygiene and you are stressed. 

You're beginning an incredible journey as far as your nutrition is concerned. Taking care of your diet and turning food into your medicine, overcoming the temptation to put in your mouth foods that don't do you any good and that weaken you because of their high chemical content and low nutrient content is an important step. But don't get obsessed with the ingredients and fine print on the packaging.

Your body will thank you.