Leo Weekly Prediction for 5-11 November

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The week 5-11 November is going to be important because of a change of astral scene that rules your sign, Leo. It will be a very positive change that will give you the chance of leaving behind all those feelings you've been dragging for some days now, and in the love aspect, you are going to live very intense and memorable days. 

On the one hand, those that are in a relationship will understand and appreciate all the things the other person does for them, and they will find the way to let their partner know how much they love them and that they value the support they get from them.

On the other hand, the single Leos will start looking for emotional stability next to another person, although this can make them feel impatient and force a situation when it's not the time for it yet. The Magic Horoscope advice is that they act cautiously. 

Mark day 8 on the calendar because on this day your most introspective side will come out to light and although this is not necessarily negative, the need of being alone can cause some conflicts with some people who are close to you.

Towards the weekend, the lunar influence will make you want to show your most passionate and sentimental side, which will result in a series of fast-paced days full of new emotions and very intense experiences.


In the professional aspect, the week will also start on the right foot. On the first working day of the week, you are going to feel good in your workplace because you are going to see how your requests are listened to and accepted. 

However, your profits and the way you manage the situation won't be very clear. So, the Magic Horoscope advises you to change your strategies, and you start dealing with new ways of organizing and planning yourself. 

Towards the middle of the week, you are going to realize that a friend or relative is going through economic problems and that will affect you quite a lot. Fortunately, you are going to decide about some things in this situation, and you'll have a significant role. 

At the end of the week, your perspective on the possibilities offered by your current job will be called into question. In this case, the weekend will be presented as an ideal opportunity to shuffle the different alternatives available to you.


Health is going to accompany you for some days in which you are going to need all the possible energy because you are going to have hectic days. Sedentary life is not an option for you, and to all the activities that you have to comply with, a series of plans that you are going to look for yourself are going to be added.

One of these plans will be to put your house in order and dedicate a day to general cleaning. Seeing yourself in a nice and tidied environment will also be good for you to clarify your ideas and feel better, an extra reason to devote as much time as possible to reflect on your love and professional life and even on how to manage certain emotions.

However, the stars of the Magic Horoscope warn you: during this week you are also going to live days that aren't going to be very good, probably unleashed by some kind of hormonal problem. 

If you think it's necessary, ask for an appointment with your doctor because at the weekend you could start feeling worse because of the flu or another similar virus.