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The second week of October starts, and it pushes you to let the most hidden feelings out, those that you are willing to share with who you consider the right person for you. 

You'll have to be careful because in the next few days you might receive wrong love advice that you shouldn't take any notice of or you'll end up causing a severe problem to your relationship. 

As the weekend is nearer the influence of the moon will make your love wishes grow, which will be evident in single Leos. They might even be surprised to feel attracted to someone completely different from them or the kind of people they usually feel attracted to. 


The hectic days at work will be happening promptly throughout this week, in which you will have to try not to assume too many tasks and not cover more than you can.

Some changes will end up affecting your day at work, maybe your schedule, which will make you have more free time than you have right now. 

At the same time, you will discover that success is not something that is necessarily linked to the professional life. If you take a good look around you, you will value and appreciate all your personal achievements, and you will feel just as satisfied or even more than if the success had been at work.


Leaving some vices aside isn't something easy, but it's something that you will feel more motivated to do when the weekend comes. If you go for it, try not to submit your body to sudden or radical changes. 

On the other hand, if you want to save yourself a severe headache, you will have to stop punishing yourself for all those things that don't depend on you. It is true that your immune system could be strengthened, but in spite of your fears you will end up discovering that you aren't the magnet for diseases you thought you were.

With the arrival of the weekend, you will notice a drop in energy that will probably make you feel a little down and low. You will have a simple challenge but that it won't be so easy to achieve: rest enough, so you recover energy.