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Libra Weekly Prediction for 10-16 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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This week will be tense for Libras. They're so used to being the center of attention in their relationships, friendships, and families. However, with Venus in affliction, you'll notice the impact of this on the loving energy you receive. You won't be exactly elated either...

Magic Horoscope recommends that you do your part in these cases. If others don't do anything, then be the one to bring people together!

Do you spend enough time with your family? If you don't, try to seek out the company of these people that love you unconditionally without reservations, Libra.

Be careful if you're single and try to impress someone by telling a little white lie. They'll find out, and for this person, it will be a huge shock. It will be hard for them to trust you after this, even if it's something silly.

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Focus on saving, Libra. This month you've got a lot of expense on your plate, and you need to stretch your dollar as far as you can!

So, as unmotivated as you might start out the week, avoid eating out, but don't be too restrictive either. You can afford the occasional sweet treat from the bakery...

Like the good Libra that you are, you're sure to have a closet overflowing with clothes. Most of it you probably don't even wear. Also, no other zodiac sign is as flirty as you are. It's time for you to sell what you don't need and make some extra cash!


To balance your energy and assure the best mood possible, you can use this simple trick: wear bright colors! Orange will be the best option since it will cheer you up, it will give you an air of elegance.

There's no better psychological therapy than looking your best. As busy as you may be, take time for yourself. Take a mindful bath, moisturize your skin...

During this week there aren't any serious illnesses predicted for you. So, you can be content in this respect. Watch your waistline now, because you know what Christmas time does to the scales for you... Otherwise, everything's great, Libra!

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