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If no one has filled that special place in your heart for a while, soon, someone will seemingly fall from the sky and make you feel butterflies. The attraction and energy will be so intense that this will turn into a sort of obsession for both parties, Libra.

If you're able to redirect this energy correctly, together, you'll find new ways to grow closer to one another. You'll adapt to this person's way of being incredibly since this is the scale sign's best-hidden talent.

However, this Tuesday, you'll have to come down from your happy cloud and focus on one of your loved ones, Libra. This person needs you more than ever, to be more specific, they need your protection.

The rest of the week will be marked by intense and deep conversations. If you're a Libra that's already in a relationship, you'll be more thankful than ever, since you've been feeling somewhat disconnected from your partner over the past few days. This is in the past now.


You need to find a balance between the new and the old. Your old ways are fine, but sometimes you need to reconsider the way you get things done. Look to co-workers for new ideas.

This week it will be vital for you to make sure that your budget aligns with your plans. Certain planets will interfere with your thought process, and this will make you think that you can spend more than you actually can.

Now's an excellent time for jobless Libras to try their luck, especially in sectors that require great personalities. Thursday will be the luckiest day for you when it comes to finding a job.


It would be best for your health if you avoided letting your empathy go to extreme levels. This ability of yours to put yourself in others' shoes is incredible, but it also can lead you to unnecessary suffering when it comes to your emotions.

Do you take care of your feet enough? Your feet can actually reveal underlying illnesses that you never noticed. Pay attention, and most of all, take certain measures like wearing the right shoes and practicing proper hygiene.

Lastly, Libras will have to take special care when it comes to the calories that they consume this week. Your metabolism will slow down which means that you'll gain weight more easily, especially if you go overboard with heavy dinners.