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The week starts with strong emotional thunderstorms for Libra. You will have arguments with your partner or with your loved ones. If they were people you don't really care about, maybe it wouldn't affect you that much, and you'd know how to ignore them.

But it is a different story with those people who belong in your heart. You only care too much about them, and that's why you try to make them change their mind. They didn't ask for your opinion, Libra, but you can't help it.

Around Wednesday the situation will be calm and you will live your relationships with joy again. You will enjoy an affective environment and that will keep you in a good mood. However, some arguments are inevitable sometimes.

This week you will have introspection moments thanks to Neptune's position in your sky. Make the most of this planet's wisdom to face the emotional problems that make you suffer so much.

On the other hand, Mars and Venus will have conflicts by the end of the week, leading to uncomfortable situations. However, those conflicts will end soon. The repercussion on your memory will last a bit longer...


Uranus' intervention will help that you don't have problems at work and that you don't pay attention to those that may come. This planet will make you leave your routine behind and that you change your mind on some aspects.

Learn to manage your behavior with your boss. Sometimes you may feel that you are right, but your boss is the person who takes decisions and changes, and you have to learn to accept them.

There will be changes that will lead to a coworker with who you don't get along leaving the company. Use your diplomacy to know what to do in that case.

You will have emotional and financial support from your loved ones. You have a strong net that you can trust to help you not fall when hard times come. Changes create uncertainty in you, but if with your loved ones by your side everything is possible.


Avoid taking soft drinks for your body to detoxify. Let your body create its own energy through healthy drinks and foods. You will still need coffee to overcome the week, though.

Control your feelings, Libra. Negativity stops you while a positive attitude will always get you where you want to go.