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Your restless heart will beg you for new emotions and feelings. Where will you find these? The planets envision you in a foreign country. Too much time in the same place can wear you out. You need a change of scenery!

You still haven't found love? In this case, you'll be very enthusiastic and excited over the next few days. You'll see great qualities and values in people around you. Suddenly everyone will start seeming attractive.

On Thursday you're highly likely to start a new love affair, according to the cosmos. But it will end as quickly and unexpectedly as it began. But, that's fine Libra, enjoy it while it lasts.

All human beings are beautiful in one way or another, and it's terrific that you know how to appreciate the best in people, but not everybody is compatible with your way of being. Reaching your level of spiritual refinement is hard!


Your kind nature in the financial realm will lead you to give loans to friends and family members.

At work, things will be stable yet tense. There's a member of your team that stands out and doesn't mind being the 'black sheep.' The situation will continue on this way until you start a dialogue. Why don't you take the first step?

There's good news for unemployed Libras. You'll get wind of all sorts of job offers. The problem is that you'll have so many options that you'll feel indecisive. There's nothing worse for a Libra than making a firm decision about something!


This Monday will be a bit out of the ordinary. Too much energy starting in the early hours of the day could lead you to do something crazy.

Energy doesn't mean that you'll be able to work more effectively if you don't stay away from procrastination. If this is unavoidable, you could try to use this time to work on healthy habits.

You'll need a break halfway through the week, and you won't be able to get through the rest of the days if you don't do this. Set up an appointment for a massage or just take the time to disconnect from everything on Wednesday if you can.

Make sure that you're getting enough magnesium if you want to make it to the weekend in the best shape possible. If you're deficient, this could be causing your anxiety. Eat walnuts since they're rich in this mineral, Libra.