DecemberHoroscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Strength and energy in your relationships

You'll put a lot of energy into love, something that you won't regret... Great moments full of unbridled love await you in the first days of December.

And what about the rest of the month? As incredible as it may seem, your energy in love won't dwindle. Be careful to avoid unwanted pregnancy, you'll be particularly fertile during this time, whether you're a man or a woman.

In this incredible moment for you and your feelings, you won't have eyes for anyone else, and with this person, the same will be true Libra. They won't be able to get you out of their head... How lovely!

Single Libras will dance and have a lot of fun this month, but they should be careful on Christmas eve because some comment about being single could end up hurting your feelings. You wouldn't want to ruin the Christmas spirit for such a silly reason, would you?

Money: Effortless benefits!

This month will be golden for you: you'll work very little and earn a lot of money. Wonderful! You'll be receiving payments left, and right and your wallet will be overflowing. That's right!

Right before your vacations you'll be asked to do some extra work, but you won't see this as unfair. In the end, this month will seem relatively easy, and you'll get paid for any extra hours that you work. 

Inevitably you'll have to do some shopping that you hadn't planned on doing, but it will fill you with pleasure. You love picking out gifts for the people that you care about and then watching their faces filled with joy when they open the package.

The only thing that you need to avoid is the temptation to purchase beautiful but useless objects that will just end up filling your home with junk, in the end, Libra. Focus on your Christmas shopping, that's it! Otherwise, you'll end the month on a bad note, in spite of the abundance.

Health: Take care of your bones

You'll experience pain related to your bones or muscle tissue that's being damaged. This Christmas visiting the osteopath would be an excellent investment. Don't let anything ruin your holidays, Libra.

Holiday dinners will be the perfect opportunity for you to surprise everyone with your healthy yet delicious recipes. Is it really possible to eat foods that are so delicious and healthy during this season? Yes, it is! With your creativity, anything is possible.