SeptemberHoroscope | Joan marc


Love: A month filled with sensuality!

We're coming into Libra's month. First and foremost, happy birthday! If you're a Libra born during the first ten days of this zodiac sign ( 23 September - 3 October), you will be very lucky in love. Positive energy will be with you.

Towards the end of the month, you will connect to your sensual side and you'll really be more "appetizing" in the eyes of others. They won't be able to put a finger on what it is about you, but we assure you that they will want more!

How can they be serious when you're having so much fun? If you can understand and overcome this erratic energy, then you will be able to forge a serious relationship with this person that you love.

The cosmos suggest that you should apply yourself more in order to become an irreplaceable person in this special someone's life, you have to know what they need from you. Instead of just giving them what you need!

Money: You'll be swimming in abundance

Abundance is a mental state and you will definitely attract infinite fortune and more. Hard work and patience have settled into your daily life as a pleasant routine that helps you to achieve your goals.

You'll learn to avoid doing too much at once, this way you can focus as much as possible on each task that you carry out. This will make you stand out against your rivals. Getting a promotion or a raise is in the cards for you, Libra.

However, on the downside, so much abundance could cause envy. You could also be the victim of some kind of robbery; from material goods to valuable information. Be very careful with where you put your wallet, Libra.

Health: The sun will renew your energy

Things weren't easy in this respect at the beginning of the month. Frequent visits to the doctor or postoperation recovery have left you out of the game.

But this will all be over by the halfway point this month. As the sun enters Libra's sign, starting on 23 September, you'll feel that your energy has been renewed. 

Boost your energy levels as much as you can by eating well and getting enough sleep. Your body will thank you; the more that you do this, the better you will feel.