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You two are getting caught up by the excitement and crazy chemistry between you. But, you have nothing in common!

But, opposites attract. Make the most of the effervescent moment since the stars are never wrong. If you have been united right now, it's because you need each other for one reason or another.

Can you imagine starting a relationship that was doomed from the start? It would be best if you let yourselves get caught up in the chaos of the moment without asking any questions. The right questions will come up in their due time. Now you just need to let things flow, Libra.

Libras in stable relationships will find that this Saturday is the perfect day to get swept away by physical love. The spark between you could be hidden even in the gaze of the most innocent face...


This Saturday you'll stand out in the financial realm since you'll know how to close deals and you'll convince someone to give you some money. Besides, you'll know just how to put this sum to use...

Over the next few days you'll be in a good position to renegotiate your contract. So, don't hesitate and think of a good strategy to blow through this Monday thinking of the new conditions you'll ask for.

You can make good decisions today now that you have some free time. Don't underestimate your inner voice. Listen to it because it won't be wrong, Libra.


Do your knees hurt, Libra? This feeling could be something beyond cramps caused by exercise. This is especially true if you notice that the pain doesn't go away throughout the next few days.

Stinging pain in the knees could mean that you have a damaged nerve, but there's no reason to be alarmed, Libra. See your doctor so that you can get a diagnosis.

You'll need to strengthen this area. Try jumping on one leg to strengthen your muscles. Doing this could help you to avoid injuries that are common when taking part in sports.