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Does your partner seem to be more stubborn and irritable lately? It isn't like they transformed overnight, maybe this is who they always were and now that they trust you, they've taken their mask off.

Like all other tools, manipulation requires a certain art to keep the other party from realizing what's going on. Do you feel like you have to satisfy all of their demands?

If you also notice that this person pressures you when you don't do what they ask and that they always give less than they receive, you should really think about what it means to be with someone that's manipulative and the fact that this person won't change - end the relationship as soon as possible, Libra.


Right now you're going through a good period full of abundance that you'll know how to make the most of. The sun in your sign will shine brightly and bring good news. This is ideal since this means that you'll receive endless presents around your birthday!

You might be doing many different jobs at once that won't take you long, however, you will get great benefits from them. Many people are probably envious of you right now... Ignore this negative energy.

Good luck will shine down on you if you're unemployed as well. You might even have to decide between all of the job offers that you'll get suddenly. They'll all come at once, too, Libra!

You'll be able to make a quick decision and choose the one that's best for you. This is another miracle because usually, you're so indecisive!


Too much work could take its toll on you. You don't think that it's too much for your body to handle, but it is. Your head is telling you that you can do even more, but your body is about to tell you: "enough is enough!"

You'll have to work to organize yourself better since this is the only way that you'll be able to keep up this pace. You can take on a lot of different activities, as long as you always give yourself some time to rest, Libra.