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Libra Prediction for 1 October

Your Horoscope for Monday
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When you've got it all, this person suddenly gets all dramatic out of nowhere. This is something that happens to Libra couples during this period when the cosmos are a bit crazy.

Pluto's influence will cause your problems to project onto your better half. This means that you can stay calm, while around you the chaos unfolds.

These arguments will be utterly ridiculous, but the real underlying problem is something completely different. It's time to do the dirty work to get down to the real reasons for your unwellness. You'll discover that this is something that goes way back.

Single Libras don't have much of a chance when it comes to meeting someone new. However, if you're getting to know someone, suddenly you'll learn a lot of intimate details about their life, which you won't feel 100% comfortable with...


It is hard to achieve the perfect balance between your duties and the income that you earn. A lot of times, doing extra work will lead you to a raise that you may not have asked for. Everyone would like to make more money.

But, with the way that your life is going right now, you don't need more hours of work, nor to worry more about others' work. Everything in life comes at a price, and maybe it isn't an idea to sacrifice your leisure time for just a little bit more money.

Just think that less is more and in this way, a much richer and more varied personal life is assured, in contrast with those that always want to make it to the top. Why? They just end up miserable in the end!


Sudden pain, of the muscular variety, is what could muddy your day today, Libra. But luckily, as the day moves forward, you will notice that your muscles will start to loosen up.

This may have been caused by sleeping in a bad posture. So, if you don't want this to happen again tonight, Magic Horoscope suggests that you try to sleep with a pillow that is as flat as possible. On your back! This is the best position if you're experiencing back pain.

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