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Libra Prediction for 10 December

Your Horoscope for Monday
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Peace and quiet won't be your strong point today. Your burning desire to free your passion will get the most of you. Your partner will feel like you're an entirely different person!

Let your passion flow like a volcano today. Your partner will love it! Also, your ability to surprise them is what won them over from the start. This might sound incredible, but if you do your part, they will follow suit.

The passion between you two will never die, there's a perfect equilibrium between the erotic and tenderness... But the truth of the matter is that desire goes dormant when both parties don't make an effort. Implication is the key today.


There are a lot of services and products that help you to save but that you don't use since you're not used to it. Today you'll open your mind thanks to Mercury's influence. Saving will never be so easy if you follow these measures.

You need to work on saving more on transportation. Why don't you try one of those ride share apps? This is much cheaper, and you'll be able to arrange a pickup and drop off place with the driver.

If you just use something occasionally, why don't you rent it? For example, if you have a fancy dinner party or an important event to attend, you can rent suits or dresses. Why spend so much money on an outfit that you'll never wear again?

The same is true for everyday clothes. Since things are so cheap now, we're always buying new items. Try selling the clothes that you don't wear anymore on an app. You know exactly which outfits I'm talking about...


They say that the way you see life all depends on the perspective that you look at it from. Are you wearing rose colored glasses? Happiness is just around the corner if you can figure out where to focus your attention.

You might just be coming out of a dark period, and you still need just a little push to get out of the darkness, at least for a while. 

One of the most interesting things about color is that it actually has an impact on our perspective and psychological state. Today, Libras would benefit from some color therapy.

You need more orange in your life! This color brings energy, imagination, and wisdom. You'll be able to achieve serenity and naturally activate the second chakra, related to happiness and emotional equilibrium.

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