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Libra Forecast for December 11

Libra Magic Horoscope for Tuesday
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On a day like today where Venus is troubled, you'll feel more introverted than normal. This is a problem because you'll have a social gathering scheduled.

Just think that they're flattering you with good intentions. Otherwise, it's their problem if they want to be fake or expect to get favors from you out of it...

Counteract this feeling by being friendly to others and complimenting the things that you like about them. If you do this, you'll get back all of the love that you've sent out tenfold.

Change your mindset and you'll discover very pleasant and powerful positive feelings. This can only bring more happiness into your life.


In your daily life you like to know what's going on with your money, but sometimes, the circumstances push you just a little bit further. What a pain! Even if this is a good deed, spending money when you weren't expecting to, will leave you feeling somewhat annoyed.

Material goods are just fleeting. If lately, you've been too focused on accumulating, try to slowly let go of those objects, because you might have to give them up suddenly.

Go through life with as little weight as possible on your shoulders. Besides referring to toxic relationships and bad memories from the past, could also refer to not holding onto objects that you don't truly need, Libra.


If you're going to travel abroad, you should take some precautions, Libra. Tasting new foods broaden your cultural vision but don't forget that it could also have an impact on your digestive system, depending on the foods you eat.

Try not to go overboard when it comes to eating street food since the hygiene at these stands often isn't the best. On the other hand, in restaurants, you'll find the best gastronomy that the country you're visiting has to offer.

Drinking water from the rivers and lakes is another temptation you'll have to overcome. Doing so could cause problems because there are certain bacteria that could make you ill. Watch out for the water that you drink too on a daily basis because Neptune's retrograde will get the best of you.

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