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Libra Daily Horoscope for December 12

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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Don't be a smarty pants by trying to hide information from your partner. Whether it's just innocent or white lies, they'll get extremely upset -especially if it has anything to do with another person that's an air sign like a Gemini or Aquarius.

The cosmos predict that once they suspect you of being a liar, it will be tough to win their trust back. Wouldn't it be easier just to say it like it is?

Your partner is very open-minded. This person will want to listen to you, and you'll be amazed by the comfort you'll find in their willingness to hear what you have to say. Why are you in a relationship if you aren't looking for someone to understand you?

Single Libras: if you can't stand injust situations, then don't get involved in them. Even if you aren't in a relationship, being a player will have its consequences. Deciding who you genuinely want by your side at night would be a better decision.


You'll be highly motivated throughout the entire day today. You'll patiently follow your strategy until you meet the goals that were set. There's a big chance that you'll get lucky!

With your mindset, you'll accomplish things that would have been impossible on other days. Don't let anyone bring you down, because today great progress awaits you, no matter what direction you choose.

However, if you can stay grounded, you'll avoid getting more excited than you should be. If you're in the job search, today you'll get favorable responses from the applications that you've sent out and you'll have an interview soon!


You have some issues that you think are common, but you actually need a diagnosis. What have you been thinking about lately? There could be a psychological explanation behind your thoughts of uncertainty.

Set up an appointment with your doctor when you have some time in your schedule. Your willpower will keep you moving forward, but your quality of life will be compromised. Get rid of this pain in your body, Libra!

Living a healthy lifestyle will change your life. You'll have a lot more energy to reach your goals, something that is really important right now. You can't give it your all if you don't treat your body the way you should. This is a fact, Libra.

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