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It's so nice when the person you care about opens up to you and tell you what they've been doing with their life. In the end, this what getting to know someone is all about, and love is without a doubt based on this. 

However, sometimes listening to stories can get out of hand. You need to remember that everything you hear might not be pretty. They may share information with you that could even be disturbing.

With that being said, wouldn't it be better to avoid stirring things up? In other words, this person will tell you what they think you need to in due time. 

Learning of the sketchy events that someone has been involved in before you know them well will keep you from wanting to get to know them on a deeper level. You can't help this. This is such a shame because you two really complement one another.

Chill out, Libra, live in the moment with this person and focus on what you have now instead of being nosy about matters that have nothing to do with you.


You'll see the path that you need to choose clearly. Jupiter in harmony with Neptune will strengthen your intuition.

Expect the unexpected. You might even see the dream that you had a while ago slowly start to come true.

If you have a vision of a bag of money hidden somewhere or something that could be happening in reality, don't think twice about checking these locations! Your subconscious mind on the same wave-length with abundance.

Another positive side of Jupiter with Neptune in your prediction is that this could lead you to the possibility of learning something that you could later become a specialist in, even becoming a teacher or professor in this discipline.


Too much excitement during the day could end up leading to trouble sleeping at night. Is it wrong to experience strong emotions? Of course not, but the timing should be right. Also, you need to know how to handle them!

Avoid exercising at night, especially during the next few days. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to reach REM sleep. Exercise can help you to sleep, as long as you do it during the daytime.