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Libra Daily Horoscope for December 14

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Is your romantic relationship causing others trouble? This is one of the saddest situations that Libras can get themselves into... You know since they enjoy feeling great and for everything to be in harmony.

But, don't even think about giving up on the person that you love to keep the peace. You need to realize that if you do this, besides losing the person that's the love of your life, you'll be giving in. By doing this, you're telling others that they have the right to make decisions in your life. This isn't the case, is it?

Be brave and stand up for yourself. Make those people get used to your partner. Don't hide your relationship and you'll see that slowly, they'll get used to the new situation. You don't tell them who they should love, right? Then they shouldn't boss you around in this area, either, Libra.


You can stay calm because there are blue skies overhead in your finances, partially due to how much time you're putting into your work. It isn't the ideal situation, but at least you don't lack anything.

Treat yourself, because you deserve it and you can afford it too. Maybe you could get ahead on your Christmas shopping? Don't be forced to dip into your savings when you have to buy presents last minute.

It will be relatively easy for unemployed Libras to find jobs around these dates. They won't be easy ones, but at least they'll give you a bit of cash that will do you wonders this holiday season.


Today will be very positive in this respect since no illnesses are expected for you, Libra. However, expressing your negative feelings and not internalizing them will be key since this will without a doubt have negative repercussions on your body.

Plan and organize your health to keep your spirits up: regular exercise and a healthy diet should do the trick.

This is an excellent day for you to go to the doctor's office to ask that question that you've had for a while now -so, go for it! Don't be shy; you'll find the answer that you were looking for.

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