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The moon's alignment with Saturn will put you in a sullen mood. You won't be feeling like the center of the Universe, for now. Signs of affection may be limited. You'll focus your energy on other matters.

This planetary aspect complicates the expression of emotions. Opening up too much could allow others to hurt our feelings which is why being a bit more reserved at the beginning of a relationship is recommendable.

The positive side of this influence is that deeper feelings will remain stable, and the people that love you and that continue to do so will keep on doing this, even if they don't show it very much.

Single Libras have emotional ties from the past that are keeping them from moving on and finding the right person. Are you sure that you're over this relationship completely? The cosmos indicate that you still haven't been able to move on...


You'll put your whole heart into your tasks and activities today. The day will fly by for you. When you enjoy what you do, time starts moving at a faster pace and you hardly even realize it.

Your desire to earn more money will become a reality soon, although at first you won't get the recognition that you'd like. However, this will all happen if you work hard and have patience.

The moon in conjunction with Saturn will help you to save. That's why you won't be giving in to your usual Libra cravings, for the time being. Let's not forget that your ruling planet is Venus, and this planet's energy focuses on beauty and pleasure.


You will be in fantastic health today since healthy eating will be your focus. You'll be in the mood to cook your favorite dishes that are both flavorful and nutritious.

Present day marketing tries to change our habits as consumers. You don't have to buy expensive chia seeds and the latest food processor to eat well.

Fat-free foods contain more sugar than the regular product, and sugar is the real enemy here, not fat. This is another advertising lie.

Ignore absurd advice and listen to your common sense.