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Libra Daily Horoscope for December 15

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Your family is an essential part of your life, but sometimes you feel like there just isn't time... This makes you feel guilty, but you think that you're just doing this for their own good.

The ones that care about you, however, feel like you're hiding behind your work to avoid facing your emotions. Since you're so sensitive, when some situations overwhelm you, you just pull out of the relationship plane.

Don't abandon your family or push aside those that have shown you that they care about you in the past. Relax and open up, because the cosmos indicate that you have a recent emotional wound that you've been evading.


Your luck regarding your finances remains the same. However, make sure that the accounts that you make payments from have a high enough balance because today there could be a misunderstanding in this respect.

It's crucial that you listen to your intuition, that voice that tells you to not rush into making decisions in your day to day life. Slow down a little today since this will increase the quality of your work.

But you should also listen to the part of you that tells you to keep pushing ahead when you don't feel inspired. Maybe you let people take advantage of you too much?


The changes that you've gone through recently have disoriented and destabilized you. It's hard for you to adapt to the current situation... It's no wonder your nerves have caused you tiredness and weakness, but this lousy period is almost through.

Once you get used to the change and you relax and complete the healing process, the rest of your health problems will disappear. Deep down, these are nothing more than the consequence of the changes that are taking place in your life.

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