Libra Daily Horoscope
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A passionate fire burns within you. You haven't felt like this in a long time! And the most important part is that the spark still hasn't burned out in this relationship that has spanned years, and the love continues to grow, like an active volcano, even if it isn't erupting 24/7.

So, the time has come for this volcano to start crackling and burning everything in its path! Both in your relationship and with your allies, intense conversations, and experiences where ties will be strengthened will happen throughout the next few days.

Venus's transit in harmony with Pluto will cause this strong inner vortex. But this will be a positive experience, and will just bring you good memories. You'll know how to channel all of this energy to make others happy.


Money will start coming to you, almost naturally. You'll be going through a great period in your professional life or personal projects. Don't let anyone or anything slow you down. Not even your insecurities!

The key is in keeping up the great relationships with the people around you and helping them with everything that they ask you to. This is the secret to abundance. If you give, the universe will compensate you, Libra.

The job search will be a piece of cake for unemployed Libras out there. You'll be surprised by how quickly something new comes up if you just left a job. You might even wish you had a bit more time between positions. Make the most of the opportunities when they come up, don't complain!


Too much abundance and excess could take its toll on you, Libra. This will be true for both your body and your mind. The more food and treats you allow yourself, the more this slows you down...

Even if you have material means, taking austerity measure will help you to develop your soul. Spirituality is the best medicine to keep you healthy.

With this in mind, you should try engaging in activities that you would have never thought that you'd be interested in. This is a great time for yoga and meditation. You'll discover a new world that will change your view on life and your understanding of health forever.