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Getting into a big fight that will make you fly off the handle is in the cards for you. Be very careful, you might say and do things that you will truly regret later on.

Don't give in because people will try to provoke you in many different environments. They might be right, but their way of communicating with you is just them trying to bring you down to their level. This will only bring you suffering.

When there's too much tension, it's your right to stall things and leave the argument. Once everyone calms down, you can try to solve your differences. Use your head, because you'll need it.


You'll feel like someone is trying to steal your job. You don't know what you did, but this person seems so ambitious that they want to take on everything, including you, Libra!

Don't get desperate, this mindset is normal. It's because we've always been pushed to be competitive in this society that we live in. Unfortunately, this path only leads to permanent dissatisfaction. Poor you!

Being a good person is the only thing that counts, which you are already. Believe in your abilities because you're irreplaceable. You already know that your battle is with yourself to try to get a little bit better every day.

That's why you shouldn't react negatively to this narrow minded coworker. Your popularity could be compromised if you do this. First and foremost, be friendly, because you both work in the same company and sooner or later, you'll need one another. Life takes lots of twists and turns...


Avoid stimulants and try to stay comfortable. Are you hot? Are you wearing clothes that are too tight? Don't tire yourself out unnecessarily, dress comfortably today, this is one simple way to improve your mood!

Take a close look at your emotions, because you've been ignoring them for a while now. Do this without judging yourself, just observe from a totally impartial perspective and when you delve into these conflicts, you'll find that you are not your problems.

When you realize this you will be able to resolve them, like a cloud of black smoke that disappears with a gust of wind.