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By working so hard to get everyone to leave you alone, you risk people actually not coming near you! Being totally alone is something that never goes well for a Libra.

First because when you go through emotional disconnection you suffer, and secondly, because this disconnection keeps you from focusing! You hurt yourself with isolation.

Before you take desperate measures, like deciding to 'disappear', explain your situation. Tell everyone that you need more time to yourself, but always find a little time for those that you truly care about.

Learn to be pickier and don't give your time out to just anyone. This is how Libras mature, as hard as this may seem at first...


Since it's a Tuesday, you have good energy levels to follow through with your obligations. You'll have time to meet all of your goals, even if you're currently working and studying at the same time. There's nothing that makes you happier, Libra.

As far as your finances go, you need to focus more on how you spend your money. Saving so much and then suddenly being penniless reflects poorly on your state of balance.

This causes psychological unwellness, although at first there may not be any financial repercussions (maybe because you know you will soon recover this money).

Responsible spending will save you a lot of headaches, and most of all, troubles that take away from your quality of life.


Detoxing your body is possible. Getting enough sleep and eating less processed foods is giving you results. If you still haven't put this into practice, there's no better time than the present.

Your body will feel lighter, and your thoughts quicker. Your actions and your interactions with others will even have a natural grace that will make you feel great.

Remember that slimming down isn't just about looks -it improves your vibes with energy. But you can only do this by accepting who you are now, without guilt or remorse, to achieve the physical well-being that you desire.