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Being faithful is a conscious decision. Does feeling attracted to someone besides your partner mean that you aren't in love, Libra? Not at all.

In the end, we're animals, so this is totally normal if you feel attracted to other people and even possibly a good thing. This is an instinct and a sign that you're still alive and full of vitality.

With this in mind, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself if you find yourself crushing on someone even though you're in a relationship. But if you start getting carried away, you'll lose your sense of direction.

Love goes beyond animal instinct. You make a conscious choice to care for one sole person, and this is up to you. Don't mess up, Libra!


Once you know what direction you want to go, you will get brilliant results, and your ideas will be crystal clear. This inner child will shine through with creativity and a zest for life, which is without a doubt an excellent combination.

You'll get your tasks done creatively with much success. You have fun at work, and it makes you feel good. However, you need to pay close attention, since the cosmos warn that someone envies you in this very moment.

It will be a prosperous yet tranquil day. The cosmos predict a pleasant journey on your horizon. This will be money well spent.


It doesn't matter how old you are, Libra, it's time to chill out! The time has come to search for serenity on all levels, far from the crazy and extravagant tendencies that keep you away from your responsibilities.

The cosmos insist that you control yourself; in other words, you should control your external impulses, and internal ones as well.

Getting to know yourself better is vital here. Do your friends or family condemn your behavior? If this is the case, then maybe you need to take a closer look in the mirror to see that extremes are never a good thing. What are the chances that everyone else is wrong, Libra?