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Libra Forecast for September 17

Prediction for Monday
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You adore love and romance, but... What happens when the initial excitement wears off? Do you do special things with your partner often? Don't think that all of the work is done after the romantic declarations are made.

Without spending absurd quantities of money, you can always do a little something special with this person that lights up your heart. This will be super efficient if your partner is a water or earth sign, Libra.

If your partner is an air or fire sign, today, out of the ordinary activities or ones that imply risk could be interesting... Use your imagination and get creative in bed!

If you're single, today you'll meet many people in one way or another and they will try to flirt with you. Correspond and play the game of attraction, even if you aren't looking for anything serious. Have fun!


A strangely calm Monday for Libra. You'll know how to flow through the routine, which you're perfectly adapted to. Maybe it took you a while to establish a fixed agenda, but now you have the perfect formula.

However, you need to put small variations into your daily routines. Especially if your goals are long-term. These changes will allow you to make each day a bit different, otherwise, things would get boring.

An unexpected stroke of luck will smile down on you. From finding money to getting back a loaned amount, today the best awaits you. The cosmos bless you, Libra! Return the favor by doing something positive for someone.


Your amazing ability to concentrate will allow you to maintain balance in matters of health. You're very focused on your goals and now you're finally starting to see results. Congratulations!

As much as they try to criticize your lifestyle, stay firm in your beliefs. So you eat too healthy and exercise too much? Fine, this will always be better than being a couch potato that eats junk food, Libra.

Your only mistake is not drinking enough water. Just think that this is necessary to detox the body and to get things working like a clock, Libra.

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