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Libra Horoscope for 18 September

Your Forecast for Tuesday
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It's Tuesday and being up to your neck in work won't matter to you; a person that you like a lot or love will make you a proposal that you simply won't be able to turn down...

What you sow today, you'll harvest the benefits from in the future. Become the driving force in your relationships, the one that comes up with plans instead of always waiting for others to decide. Take control of your life!

This means that you need to jump into it and ask your partner to do something new with you, or for you to take the first step if you've been talking to a person that makes your heart go wild for a while now. What are you waiting for? The cosmos predict that you'll experience much pleasure with him or her...


Money is a necessary part of life and it's hard for all of us to earn it... Although there are situations in life that don't make things easy. In this case, a family member will be in a sticky economic situation of a certain magnitude.

Should you help? Of course! Even if you are a highly self-sufficient person, you shouldn't turn the other cheek when someone needs your help, not even if you wanted to. It's not like you're swimming in money and you're going to go around handing it out for free, but anything that you can contribute will be a good thing and highly appreciated, Libra.

Kind actions never promise that the money will be returned, but this does guarantee that you will be surrounded by good vibes that sooner or later will end up coming back to your life, and in an even bigger way than you could imagine.


Independent from other areas of your life, your health remains consistent. However, some downfalls in your immune system are normal, and this doesn't have anything to do with you not living a healthy lifestyle.

That's why it's never a bad idea to take vitamins that reinforce your body. Vitamin C levels tend to be low in Libras, and that's why it would be a good idea to drink more orange juice. For the sake of your health!

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