Libra Daily Horoscope
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You'll be feeling particularly uneasy emotionally during the next few days. You'll just feel like something's missing...Just looking around, you'll know that you have everything. A partner that love's you. Or if you're single, you'll be thinking of your fabulous friends, Libra.

The cosmic influence will make you long for things that are far away or things that you've never had before.

You want to totally submerge yourself in feelings and flavors from a new place, instead of just having an intellectual appreciation for these things.

Do you think that ignoring these desires could be making you get caught up? Take a trip, even if it's short, to visit relatives or a partner that's far away. This is just what you need.


This Monday, knowing specific information will be vital. You'll need to know about certain events, for this week to go as smoothly as possible. Knowledge is power.

You may be tempted by job offers during the next few days, and you might actually be seriously considering proposals. Unfortunately, these positions won't be any better than your current one and they won't really enrich your life in a big way.


Your internal excitement will make you want to get involved in vigorous exercise or to go out partying all night long. These impulses will make you more likely to have risky conduct.

Magic Horoscope advises against pushing your body to its limits: Libra, right now you need to keep your balance. This is what you need to put matters of the heart and your finances in order.

To balance your energy again and to burn off excess energy, listen to relaxing music and disconnect from outside stimuli. This will help you to reconnect with your center.