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Libra Magic Horoscope for September 19

Daily Prediction for Wednesday
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Long-term relationships will be in danger due to Pluto's murky influence on the Moon.

But there's no crisis that you don't know how to solve, Libra. These are tests to bring the negative aspects of the relationship to an end for once and for all.

The main topic will be infidelity that you had to forgive, or that they forgave you for. However, Magic Horoscope can assure you that, although it will be hard, you will be able to overcome this for good, without any further recurrences in the future.

If you don't have a partner, people with a complicated psychological profile will approach you. It would be best if you avoided making any false moves here...


Slowing down your energy a bit doesn't mean that you've lost passion for your job. This is a smart attitude that will keep you from burning out, Libra.

When others go crazy to meet unrealistic deadlines, you are more conscious of your needs as a human being and you know that everything will be fine if you turn it in one day later...

In the end, your superiors should be planning the work better up top!

However, an overly relaxed attitude could make it seem like you're slacking off, which is not tolerated at your company. Once again, balance is the key here, Libra.


Opening up and exchanging ideas could cure your soul, Libra. People with an inner beauty that radiate light...

Although you know that you're friendly and others consider you to be this way, sometimes you miss deeper conversations. Should you be more selective in your relationships...?

Without getting into classism and mental intolerance, why don't you try to attend cultural gatherings related to your interests? You'll be surprised by how wowed you'll come out of these functions.

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