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Libra Horoscope for 2 December

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You shouldn't be bothered by the fact that real life isn't like a fairytale. This person might not be the prince or princess of your dreams... But are you really going to deny the happiness that this person brings you?

In the end, everyone is responsible for their actions, and being in a relationship that meets society's standards should be the least of your worries, Libra. Why do you care what others think of this person?

A relationship doesn't fall into the same category with the rest of your aspirations, or at least the ones that are really important like getting a good job or being a better person every day.

We often search for happiness in all of the wrong places. This is so true that when we find it, we don't even realize it a lot of times. Broaden your perspective and stop seeing things as simply black or white -there are a thousand shades of gray.

Single Libras will be happy to discover that their newfound economic independence will help them to choose the right partner with less pressure. Open your eyes.


Make sure to take a look at your expenses, because you're slowly burning a hole in your budget and you hardly even realize it. When you look the other way, you're allowing chaos to come into your life.

Pay closer attention when it comes to shared expenses whether it's with your partner or the people that you live with. This issue could cause arguments and misunderstandings that could muddy the harmony in your home...

Magic Horoscope also recommends that you avoid abusing the generosity of those that you trust the most. You're pushing them to their limits with your fickle behavior.


The weakest parts of your body will experience a slight improvement thanks to Neptune's beneficial influence on natives of the scale sign.

It would be a good idea to start some kind of rehabilitation routine. Gyms offer personal trainers, and they can tell you the best exercises that could improve your pain.

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