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Even if you two love each other, certain hostility in your environment, won't allow your love to flourish the way that you'd like it to. In a certain way, you two were destined to meet one another, in spite of the difficulties.

Third parties outside of your relationship could be interfering in some way. They want you two to become enemies and to break your ties, but the reason for this is unclear.

This could either be a family member or an ex of one of you two, that is opposed to you being together.

The one thing that is for sure is that it would be a real shame to break a union due to causes external to the love that you share. The time has come to fight for your budding relationship because the cosmos will bring you incredible experiences by this person's side.


During Uranus's transit, you will have the opportunity to expand your comprehension of the world incredibly, and to obtain more profound and intelligent information on the dynamics of your workplace, knowledge that you have never had.

But, in order to obtain this knowledge, you should keep your mind open and receptive to new ideas that may come about. Otherwise, the only thing that you will achieve is feeling upset and angry since Uranus is showing your way of being and thinking.

Everything that stays at a standstill, rots, Libra. Keep this in mind, especially if someone recently told you that you're taking your saving mentality too far.

Contribute in some way by volunteering or by becoming a member of an NGO; this will help to bring good fortune back into your life threefold. Making others happy always attracts abundance and positive energy to your daily life.


"Renew or die." Everything that doesn't mutate in some way is impeding life, that needs to change constantly.

This holds true for ideas as well as habits, and also for your relationships with others! Look at the changes that you want to make in detail, in this new phase of life, because this will change the direction of your destiny for the better.