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Libra Daily Horoscope for December 20

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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Your energy in love is excellent, but unfortunately, it won't be understood by those around you. Are you focusing your attention on the right person?

Once you're able to overcome what you fancy, knowing full well that it won't lead you anywhere... That special someone will appear with your same restlessness and interests and is someone you can create a very sensual and romantic relationship with, Libra.

There's no reason intellectual qualities and eroticism shouldn't be connected. Your biggest problem up to this date are partners that are great with you, but totally carefree about the things they can't control.

A person who's been living in a higher state of harmony with the ability to understand the importance of harmonizing body and mind will appear in your life soon. So, say so long to the days of going out with so-called 'experts' or empty-minded good-looking men or women and say hello to your future potential...

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We all enjoy photos and using social networks, but in today's world, there isn't a lack of people who check your profile out with bad intentions. Small details from the ones you pay little attention to will bring in big news about those scammers and extortionists on social networks...

Watch how you use your apps: you waste precious time by being on social networks, and they cause you to be less productive. It's not just only your problem; we think that we can manage the apps, but in reality, it's the apps that control us. 

From a sincere and honest self-analysis, you'll likely notice that by changing some parts of your routine you'll reach top performance, making way for you to realize your objectives.


After some ups and downs, you'll finally reach a healthy equilibrium or make significant improvements. This won't entirely bring you back to your previous state, but you should appreciate this opportunity to at least feel a bit better.

But now is not the time to silence those troubles that bother you, Libra. It's understandable that you don't want to worry those you love, but how could you believe that these troubles won't go away unless you say so? Tell them that now you are much healthier than before so that these 'troubles' you had before can go away with ease.

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