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Don't waste your time criticizing. You should only say things about others that you would say to their faces. Sadly, whispering and gossiping is an accepted habit in friend groups.

Avoid getting caught up in all of this if you want to avoid bad vibes. Don't be critical, and don't allow others to criticize anyone in your presence either!

With this attitude, you'll attract healthier relationships to your life. People that focus on the positive side of others, highlighting their best qualities.

Libras are warned to avoid envying others' partners due to Mars' alignment with Venus. And don't even think about your friend's girlfriend or boyfriend! There are so many single people out there to focus your attention on...


Bosses... They're the first ones to point out your smallest mistake and the little things that you miss, and the last ones to recognize all of the hard work that you've put into doing your job well.

Unfortunately, there aren't that many good leaders out there. Instead of getting frustrated, accept this fact and keep doing your best. Mediocre bosses use destructive criticism to vent their frustration.

If your coworkers make mistakes, or if you're in a commanding position, remember to avoid doing the things that you despise so much to others. Why don't you tell your coworker how great they've been doing their job today?

You'll notice a considerable difference in cooperation and productivity if you use positive reinforcement instead of continually complaining about what needs improvement. Everyone likes to hear that their work is valued.


Being quite nervous pushes you towards anxious behaviors that probably aren't the best for your health, Libra. You know all too well that you shouldn't eat at the wrong times even if you aren't hungry, but you can't help yourself.

The good news is that liquids could help you to regulate this hunger. Drink a glass of water before your meals, drink herbal teas whenever you feel the anxious urge to eat, and make vegetable soups which will make you feel satisfied in no time.