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Libra Daily Prediction for 20 September

Thursday’s Libra Forecast
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You're in luck, Libra. Venus, love's planet, sends all of its energy your way so that you can enjoy a day with your loved ones.

Libras that are married, will renew their vows with their spouse in one way or another. Maybe they will come up with a crazy plan together; something that they had totally forgotten for a long time.

Don't think about it any longer and let yourself be filled with the positive feelings and sensations that this person brings about in you. You'll feel like you're in a cloud of happiness. And you should expect nothing less, Libra!

When it comes to Libras that don't have stable partners, today will be a great day to make things official, or for them to decide to reveal all of the emotions their hearts have been holding for a long time now. It's highly likely that these feelings will be mutual.


Always taking action when recognized isn't a good plan, Libra. Things don't always go the way that we'd want them to, and precisely today, it's in your cards for the play to not go as you'd expected.

The cosmos advise you to "keep things simple". Whatever you do, do it from a place of humility and the love of a job well done. Arrogance and an air of greatness, certainly won't do you any good, bad habits come with a price...

The money in your checking account is safe thanks to the measures that you took a while back. Make sure you cover the keypad when you enter your pin when taking out cash at the ATM, this could keep you from being the victim of a scam, without you even realizing it, Libra.


The cosmos encourage you to follow the advice of good friends and family members that support you in these delicate times when it comes to matters involving your health.

They want the best for you, although sometimes you think that they treat you unfairly. Sometimes there's no other choice but to be disciplined in order to move forward with treatment.

Keep your spirits high and smile for those that want to see you get better. A strange phenomenon occurs if you smile; your brain relaxes and thinks that everything is just fine. This results in an incredibly quick recovery, Libra!

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