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Libra Daily Horoscope for December 21

Your Horoscope for Friday
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You can't always be right, and today in love's terrain, you'll have to listen to what the people around you say about your relationships with your loved ones.

Your bias keeps you from seeing that your partner is undermining you and doesn't exactly want what's best for you.

Constructive criticism will help you to choose, don't take this advice as an order. Letting down your guard a bit will help you to ensure understanding in this emotional situation, and you need this urgently.

Are you just getting to know this person, but they already want to move in with you? They're hiding something that they don't want to tell you and that you definitely wouldn't be happy about. Proceed with caution, Libra.

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Owning a business or being in a role with a high level of responsibility at your company isn't easy. Every day you need to prove with determination and good decisions that you deserve to be where you are.

But, sometimes you confuse determination with arrogance, and some see you as a tyrant. Take an interest in your employees since they're the ones working for you, this is serious business! Today, work on your sense of camaraderie.

During the day today, mistakes will happen left and right. You'll need all of your self-control and understanding to avoid bursting into fits of rage. You wouldn't want people to think that you're out of control at your company, would you?

The best advice for today is that you stick to doing your job, without taking on a paternalistic role or thinking that you're better than others. And even if you are -what do you get out of this?


Emotions are your antidote but also a lethal poison. Everything in moderation, Libra!

Don't grab your cell phone first thing in the morning. There will be some posts on social networks that will affect your mood and not necessarily for the better. Besides, they distract you from the present.

Eat your breakfast enjoying every last bite, and the scent of freshly brewed coffee...Wake up slowly, make the most of life's simple pleasures, without so much technology in the way continually distracting you, Libra.

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