Libra Forecast for November 21

Libra Magic Horoscope for Wednesday
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As stressed out as you may be, you'll know how to hold yourself back to bring a positive atmosphere to your home, with your partner or whoever lives under your roof.

The home environment is fundamental for Libra, and with this in mind, this is the part of your life where you should involve yourself most. This is the way to create the harmony that you need so dearly in your everyday life.

You'll know how to deal with your problems without letting this affect your environment. This is the best decision that you'll make to day. You need to express your concerns, but as long as you find the right situation to do so.

Today you'll know how to save this for a better occasion because these people will need your support more than you'll need their's, Libra. You're stronger than them; you know this!


In the midst of the turmoil with family members and acquaintances that are going through hard financial times, Libras will know how to manage their money.

These people may even reach out to you for help or to ask to work for that friend or family member, like they've done for you in the past. Now is the time to reciprocate; if you do this, abundance will continue to flow in your life.

The color green brings luck and hope, both to the people around you and to the people in your home. This is generally a great color for Libras, but with the current planetary transit, its positive effects will be twice as strong. So, what are you waiting for? Wear something green!


Rest is an essential part of your life. Why is their so much stress and such a hurry in life? Maybe you should think about moving to someplace where the pace of things is a whole lot slower. Patience and tranquility are fundamental for you.

Avoid spending too many hours thinking about this person. Obsessing is never a good thing and it isn't your style.

Get out and distract yourself as much as you can. If you do this, it will be much easier to avoid being so worried and if something is meant to happen, it will, you can count on that.

Don't ignore those little dental issues that you're experiencing currently. This will inevitably get worse, Libra.