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Relationships can be a reflection of our deepest fears. You could be a secure person in other environments, but if you see someone walking up to your partner, your confidence drops immediately. This serious since you should trust your partner more than anyone!

Letting go of the feeling that you're unworthy will make this person love you even more. You can be sure if they feel like they could lose you, that they'll try harder. Control this jealousy and focus on what brightens up your days.

On the other hand, things aren't looking great with one of your family members. This person is toxic, and just because you're related by blood, it seems like they're trying to make your life impossible. Don't let them do this.

In times where people argue over everything, it's worth twice as much if someone makes you smile. You need to talk to these people more often, Libra.


If you're currently making money as an associate or apprentice, it's time for you to make a go of it on your own. You have all of the tools that you need to take flight, Libra.

Even though you love working in a team, you need to recognize that side of you deep down with an entrepreneurial spirit. It's okay to help out with someone else's project, but this means you can't realize your own ideas, and you know it...

There's still so much to do, and the sooner you get to work, the sooner you'll have the freedom that you've been longing for.

Likewise, this is a great time to move into your own place, since now you're financially independent.


When your world becomes a chaotic jumble, get organized. Wash your clothes, throw out the things you don't need, water your plants, fix your room up... For a Libra, making their environment tidy and beautiful is the best kind of meditation.

Simplicity attracts harmony and peace of mind. Try to keep things simple. If it's hard for you to stick to your commitments with friends, don't throw yourself into a crazy balancing act -apologize and promise to make it up to them somehow.