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Libra Prediction for 21 September

Your Horoscope for Friday
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In love, you usually feel right at home. It is relatively easy for you to figure out what the other person needs from you.

But this time, you find yourself in a disturbing situation; one where you feel truly interested but you aren't quite sure if he or she really is. Sometimes you feel comfortable and others, you feel an icy vibe coming from their heart!

Give them time, and most of all, stop looking at life constantly judging. Forget about going back to your old "all men are the same" speech, which also applies to women.

You two are highly compatible, but you still have to learn to see each other as you really are, without illusions nor clichés that distort your perception of reality.


If you have a business idea, now is the time to put it into practice. Planets like Mars or Mercury are in complete harmony with Libra natives. Your talent shines, and your proposals will go through with no problem.

You won't have to beg to be paid and they will give you this initial sum of money that you need to get the ball rolling. You're dying to be your own boss, especially after dealing with the horrible superiors that you have now...

You'll know how to do this well, as long as you surround yourself with the right people. Maybe everything will be a bit precarious at the beginning, but if you hold out, you'll soon see benefits.


Some talk of sudden and almost miraculous improvements, Libra. Of course, not everything is as easy as blowing bubbles. With your current positive attitude, you will give your body the push that it needs towards an iron state of health.

You no longer have an excuse to not make the most of your great mood. Get on your activewear and get out in nature to participate in some kind of stimulating activity. If you have company then this will be even better, Libra.

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