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This flame will get put out as quickly as it started burning! Uranus's influence is something that Libras don't do well with because it causes intense, fleeting relationships that are also highly volatile.

Thank the universe for giving you the chance to have this special connection with this person because this has contributed to your spiritual development. Once there is no longer a purpose, you need to move on to the next lesson.

Breakups make you sad, and you always want to hear from the people that you once loved, but Uranus needs you to know that attachment is a mere illusion. We're in this world to be more and more self-sufficient all the time and to help others as well.


You don't always make the right choices when it comes to making investments, and unfortunately, this will be one of those times. You'll move towards impulses that won't lead you to anything positive.

Some confusion when it comes to managing your money will lead you to have unexpected and unnecessary expenses, but in the end, you won't go broke.

But, you should be extra careful to avoid losing your wallet or another precious item like your cell phone, today. Uranus's chaotic energy will make you more likely to accidentally misplace things.

Uranus reminds us that life is unpredictable and that Libras will learn that saving is something that they'll have to do throughout their entire lives. Also, this doesn't mean just to acquire a particular item.


The time has come for the metaphorical death of some beliefs and attitude that you have about health.

The science of caring for one's self is continuously evolving. Some things that were once considered healthy are now said to harm the health.

Don't forget that there was a time in history when women used to use makeup made from toxic substances like lead.

This is why you should always stay curious and be open to the advice of others. Especially if this is coming from people who are educated in the particular field that you're discussing, Libra.